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Advanced Video Editing Programs: Adobe Premiere

The basics of using Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere


Adobe Premiere Pro CC is on all of the Apple computers in the Media Center.  There are also 3 PCs with the program as well.  In addition, Adobe After Effects is on the same computers.  Adobe Premiere has a sharper learning curve than Final Cut Pro X, but the results are more refined and professional than iMovie. 

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Computing in the Media Center

The Media Center has the Adobe Creative Cloud on all of the Apple computers.  There are three PC computers with it installed with one being in the TV Collaborative Room. 

The Editing Room has two Mac Pro computers that are specifically designed with video editing in mind.  These machines can be accessed by speaking to someone at the media service desk.

Essential Links

Adobe Premiere CC in Safari Technical Books

Full text book and guides to help you in navigating Premiere.  An excellent source for content provided by the Trible Library.

The Basics


Adobe Premiere CC

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts (Official Adobe)

In order to be effective and quick at editing, keyboard shortcuts are essential.  They allow for easier editing and do away with complicated mouse movements.  

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