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Business Research: Finding Articles: NexisUni Tips

how and where to locate articles on business topics

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Useful Search Features

Use the "let us help you find it..." search box (below the regular search box) for extra help searching for specific types of documents.


let us help you find it box

Basic Search

  • Type the keywords of your topic into the Search box at the top of the screen

  • Click the red magnifying glass to search

  • if you have too many articles, the results list provides a variety of ways to limit the search on the left side of the screen

nexisuni basic searching


  • Click the Advanced Search link under the main search box (outlined in purple below)

nexisuni advanced searching

  • The advanced search allows you to put in multiple terms, specify exact phrases, and even exclude terms from the search
  • You can continue to search all the content or use the Select a specific content type link in order to change the search options
  • Depending on the type of article you need, you might want to choose Law Reviews and Journals, News or Legal News from the list
  • The box choices at the bottom of the screen will change based on the content type you choose to search


nexisuni content types

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