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Getting Started Guide: Young Adult and Children's Literature: Databases

places to start your research

Database Searching

Tip:  If you are getting too many results from a search

  • Try putting quotation marks around the title, for example:

"The Kitchen God's Wife" instead of The Kitchen God's Wife.

  • Try adding the author's last name to the search, for example:

"The Kitchen God's Wife" AND Tan


Tip:  If you are getting too few results from a search

  • Try searching only part of the title, for example:

If the exact book title is Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe then try searching for just the main title Silas Marner 

  • Try leaving out punctuation - especially semicolons, periods, and commas


Tip:  If the item is not full-text

Search the Journal Title (not the article title) to see if the library has the journal available in another database or in print/microform in the library.

Search to see if the book is available in the library.

Request an item be sent to this library from another library.

English: Literature Databases

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