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Trible Library Media Center

Describes the equipment, services, and policies of the Media Center

Computers in the Media Center

Desktop Computers

There are 8 iMac computers in the general area with Adobe CC, iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.  Five of these computers have scanners hooked up to them.  All Media Center computers require a CNU login.  In order to print from any of these computers, you will need print funds or Captain's Cash on your CNU ID card.

Editing Rooms

The Media Center has 3 Apple Mac Pro computer stations that are designed for your production and editing needs.  These Editing Stations are available when the Media Center is open.  All three stations have the full Adobe Creative Cloud programs.  All three of these stations also have a viewing area with a region free DVD/Blu-ray player and 4k television.  You will need to see the Media Center Service Desk prior to use.

  • General Video Production (iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Motion, Compressor)
  • Audio (GarageBand, Audacity)
  • Conversion of Video and Graphics (VLC Player, Adapter)
  • Graphic Creation (Photoshop , Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Scanning with Epson Scan software


Laptops circulate for 4 or 48 hours, depending.  Library laptops may leave the building.

Software available on laptops:

  • Office 2016, VLC Player, SPSS
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