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Chemistry: Databases

Recommended Databases

Journal Abbreviations

Search these databases to find the actual title of an abbreviated journal title. Example: J. Exp. Bot. = Journal of Experimental Botany

Search Tips

Boolean Operators
Boolean operators allow you to expand or narrow your search as needed.

Combine search terms to narrow (“AND”) or broaden (“OR”) results. Use “NOT” to exclude records from retrieval.

Operator Example Retrieval
And Learning And Motivation Both terms (Narrows)
Or Learning Or Motivation Either or both terms (Broadens)
Not Learning Not Motivation Excludes those with Motivation (Narrows)

Truncation (*)
Truncation will find all forms of a word root. The (*) will replace more than one character. For example, searching “therap*” finds therapy, therapies, therapist, therapists, therapeutic, therapeutically, etc.

Exact phrase ". . ."
The exact phrase operator (double quotes) will find the exact phrase. By bordering your query terms with double quotation marks, you can search for exact matches to whatever is inside the quotation marks.

For example, "early Columbian artifacts" searches for the exact phrase, but not early artifacts, early vessels Columbian artifacts, etc.

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