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BUSN 300 - Organizational Behavior: WebQuest

Dr. Angela Spranger, Fall 2018

WebQuest - Find information on corporate values and culture!

1. Company Values - Can you tell if there is congruence between the espoused and enacted values? How does the company manifest and reinforce its values? How many values do they identify? Are the values of the two companies similar or different?

2. Content - of the web page where the company describes its culture - mostly words or mostly pictures? How does the company communicate its culture? How often do you see the phrase "corporate culture" or the word "culture"?

Criteria for Evaluation

Always be critical of what you find.  Here is a quick guide from SUNY Empire State College - the rat (bad information) TRAP!


Timeliness - how recent is the information; when was the web page last updated

Reliability - opinionated or balanced presentation of information; sources of information cited

Authority - who are the authors and what are their credentials; web site free of ads

Purpose/Point of View - fact or opinion; is someone trying to sell you something

Single and Multiple and Social Media Search Engines

Single Search Engines

Google -

Duck Duck Go -

And many others. See this list for more -


Multiple Search Engines

Dogpile -

Webcrawler -


Social Media Search Engines

TalkWalker -

Social Searcher -

Do You Know About the Filter Bubble?

Do you realize that you are likely to be getting different search results than your professor?  Than your friends or classmates?

It's true.  Web sites like Google and Facebook, and many others, are using complex algorithms (mathematical equations) to determine what you'd like to see, rather than just show you what's out there.

Duck Duck Go

TED speaker Eli Pariser demonstrates this in a short video.

More information can be found on the DuckDuckGo's web site called "Escape Your Search Engine Filter Bubble." (

Remember that your "clicks" today may determine your results tomorrow!


Remember to cite it!

Always cite what you find!

Watch Out for Trick Web Pages

Always be critical of what you find!

Can you tell why these are considered "trick" web sites?

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