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Business Reports: Industry Reports

finding business reports

Finding Industry Reports (select a tab for instructions)


  • Click on the Browse link (outlined in purple)

browse link

  • Look under Industry and Market Research (outlined in purple)

industry and market research

  • Click a report name (BMI Industry Reports, First Research, etc.)
  • Click an industry


  • Above the search box is a menu bar
  • Click the Industries link (circled in purple) and choose All Industries from the menu

menu bar

  • Browse through the industries listed alphabetically using the page numbers (outlined in red) in the upper right


  • Use the search box (outlined in purple) on the left side by typing in a keyword for the industry (i.e. coffee) or by typing in the NAICS code (i.e. 311920)

keyword search/select report


  • In the Browse section click the Industry Profiles link (outlined in purple)

industry profiles link

  • Search Alphabetical or by Title, Subject & Description in the All Profiles tab OR
  • Click the Industry tab (outlined in purple) to browse a list of industries

industry tab





1. From the start page go to Companies/Markets in the top line (outlined in purple)

select companies/markets tab

2. Choose Industry (outlined in purple)

select industry

3. Select an industry from the alphabetical list




  • Click the Industry Analysis tab
  • Select the choices you need
  • Click the Search button

industry reports screen

  • Select from the available choices (pdf provides the best format to print)
  • In the upper left hand corner next to Nexis Uni it says Menu with an arrow
  • Click the arrow to see a list of choices

drop down menu

  • From the list choose Business
  • It will take you to the Business search screen as seen below

business search screen


  • Click the link Company Dossier (outlined in purple above)
  • It will take you to the Company Dossier search screen (as seen below)
  • Click the tab for Industry so the text turns blue (as seen below)

find an industry search


  • Terms allows you to put in keywords and the results will be a list of related industries from which you can choose
  • SIC allows you to search by the SIC code (note: this is the old classification number that was replaced by the NAICS code)
  • Entering the term soda provides a list of industries (as seen below) where you can select Bottled or Canned Soft Drinks - if you had known that 2086 was the SIC code, you could have searched with that number and been taken straight to the results

industry results list

  • Additional reports may be available click the link Other Industry Reports (in red below) to see what is provided

other industry reports

Find information on industries related specifically to hospitality and tourism.

  • Under More (top of the page in the blue line) click on Indexes
  • In the Browse an Index drop down box select NAICS Code or Description
  • Click the Browse button for a list to scroll through or type a term or code number in the Browse for box and click the Browse button

browse or search for industry


  • Check the box next to the term(s) you want to search
  • Click the Add button
  • Click the Search button
  • The results will contain all the information found on the industry
  • In the Narrow Results by box on the left side of the screen look for the Source Types box

select reports


  • Check the Reports box
  • Select from the available results


In addition to the reports in the library's database these sites may provide useful information on the industry you are researching.

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Trible Library provides links to other websites to aid in research and is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of those sites.