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Business Research: Finding Articles: Business Insights: Essentials Tips

how and where to locate articles on business topics

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Useful Search Features

  • Additional Limiting Features are available on the left side of the results screen in the basic search, advance search and subject search screens.
  • These can help when you have too many results from the original search.



Other Features

BIE - Basic Search

  • Type a keyword(s) into the search box
  • Make sure the drop down box says Article

basic keyword search

  • Select Academic Journals or Trade Journals from the box on the left side of the screen  to access articles on the topic
  • If there are too many results you can add additional keywords in the Search Within Results box on the left side of the screen

basic search results


  • Additional limiting features are also available





  • Use the Advanced Search for more search options

BIE - Advanced Search

To Access the Advanced Search Screen:

  • Click the Advanced Search link underneath the orange search button

access advanced search screen shot

  • Use the drop down menu beside each search box to select the type of search you need

Choices that may be useful include:

abstract: this should produce fewer hits as it only searches the abstract about the article, rather than anywhere

author: use this if you are looking for articles written by a particular person

entire document: this should produce more hits as it searches everything in the article

subject: this should produce more focused hits as it is searching for the main topic of the article

company name: use this if you need articles on a particular company

NAICS or SIC codes: use these if you have the numbers and need articles on a specific industry

Tip: If you don't know the code scroll down and use the Industry boxes in the Select Limits section

Associations - (country, description, NAICS): use these items if you are looking for information on a particular group or oganization related to a country, topic, or specific industry (i.e. National Association of Automobile Dealers)

  • Use the Boolean search operators drop down box to connect the terms in the search boxes
  • In the Select Limiters section (outlined in blue)

Content Type: Choose Academic or Trade Journals to find articles

Peer Reviewed (green outline): Check this if your professor indicated that you should use only peer reviewed journals

Full Text Only (green outline): Check this if you only want to see articles that are full text within this database - but be careful - you many miss out on other great articles that are full text elsewhere

Industry (outlined in pink): Click in either of these boxes for a drop down list of industries that can be used to narrow the search

advanced search

  • The results screen will have additional limiting features on the left side of the screen.
  • Another search option is the Subject Guide

Subject Guide

To Access the Subject Guide:

  • Click the Advanced Search link underneath the orange search button

basic keyword search

  • Click the Subject Guide (outlined in red) link on the Advanced Search screen

advanced search screen

Subject Guide

  • Type the subject into the search box
  • Click on the term you want in the list provided
  • In the example below there are 198860 hits for the subject Automobiles
  • You can choose to look through all of them, browse through the list for something more specific or use the See: Related Subjects link (outlined in green)

subject search

  • Click the See: Related Subjects link and choose from more specific terms

related subjects screen

  • The results screen will have additional limiting features on the left side of the screen.
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