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PSYC 490 - Senior Seminar: Research Guide

Dr. Dorothy Doolittle, Spring 2017

Library Catalog Search

What's in the CNU Library? Find books, e-books, and media materials using the box below.



Remember to use e-books, too - see a list of web sites, or use the catalog's advanced search and limit Material Type to "ebooks."  You'll find Safari Tech Books to be helpful!

Important Note

Always cite what you find!

When using APA citation style, use:

1. Citation Fox from SUNY Albany


2. The APA Style FAQ site

Avoid Plagiarism - cite those you quote, and those who inspire you!

Recommended Databases

JournalFinder Search

Is the journal you need here at CNU?

Use JournalFinder to check!



Challenge! (5 Questions)

Do you know the answers to these five questions?

All five correct make you a winner!

Other Online Resources

Online places to find test reviews:

    Use the Index for Tests web site to find reviews in the Mental Measurement Yearbooks.

Also use the "Getting Started Guide" for Psychology which includes a Tests & Measures tab.

Use the PSYC 410 LibGuide for extra help!


Search for materials from libraries anywhere in the world ....
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